August 23, 2017

Facebook Dominates Social Ad Revenues, Future Even Brighter

July 25, 2016 WebProBusiness

According to research by eMarketer, Facebook will receive 67.9% of all social media advertising revenue in 2016. The study predicts that Facebook will generate $22.37 billion in net ad revenues this year, up 30% from 2015 revenue of $17.08 billion. eMarketer says that 70% of this years revenue ($12.08 billion) […]

Internet Merges With Television To Create Addressable Advertising

July 7, 2016 WebProBusiness

The traditional television industry is finally feeling the pressure of the data rich micro-tuned digital advertising world of the internet and is hitting back with addressable advertising. For years advertisers have become accustomed to extreme targeting with website advertising and particularly with search advertising. Over the last few years micro […]

McDonald’s Marketing Team Tries Facebook Live Video

May 26, 2016 WebProBusiness

McDonald’s, in celebration of National Hamburger Day this Saturday, tested the marketing potential of live video on Facebook. McDonald’s first promoted it’s Facebook Live video to its nearly 65 million Facebook followers with 2 separate posts starting Wednesday afternoon. Clearly, McDonald’s was going for humor, but the artist featured in […]