June 23, 2017

Measure Your Mini-Conversions

April 7, 2008 Mike Moran

If you don’t read the Occam’s Razor blog by Avinash Kaushik, you don’t know what you’re missing. He had another great post last week, to help people identify how to measure more than Web sales as the conversion on their Web sites. He calls them micro conversions, to contrast with […]

Do You Know Your Customers?

March 26, 2008 Steven Bradley

Do you know who your customers are? Do you know why they chose you? Do you know what they like? What they want? Where they spend their time? If you don’t, you should find out. Understanding who is your customer is perhaps the most important part of developing and marketing […]

SES: B2B Tactics

March 20, 2008 Kent Lewis

The session started with Patricia Hursh from SmartSearch Marketing outlined 8 tips for successful PPC advertising: 1) Reach prospects early in the buying cycle 2) Focus and align copy (through the cycle) 3) Pre-qualifying clickers/visitors 4) Create landing pages and microsites 5) Test pages continuously 6) Offer multiple action options […]

Stages Of Business Ownership

March 6, 2008 Andrew Wee

Talking to a number of budding entrepreneur’s at last evening’s Singapore Facebook Developers Garage and hearing about their growing pains served as an impetus to get this post out. Some of you whom I met up with at Affiliate Summit would have heard parts of this, but here it is […]

Impressions And Brand

February 14, 2008 Steven Bradley

You never get a second chance at a first impression. I’ve never cared for that quote. The implication is that you get one and only one chance at success and that’s hardly true. Your first impression is the most important impression only until you make your second impression, which is […]

Forces That Might Be Lowering AdSense Earnings

February 5, 2008 Aaron Wall

WebmasterWorld has another thread about lowering AdSense prices. When the economy is good and advertisers have robust ad budgets, an ad network might be willing to sell them whatever they are willing to buy. If the advertiser wants to overpay for some ads and associate that spend with branding then […]

Understanding Your Brand From An SEO Perspective

January 24, 2008 Richard Burckhardt

I always recommend that folks optimizing their web sites take great care to not confuse the name of their company with what the searchers are actually trying to find, which is frequently the brand. Unless you are someone like Coca-Cola or your name is the same as your product and […]

Networking And The Spectrum Of Blogging Influence

January 7, 2008 Steven Bradley

Two posts on the subject of networking with other bloggers caught my attention over the weekend. The premise of both is that you’ll be better served working to network with non-probloggers than you will working to network with probloggers. While I completely agree with the advice, I think it’s incomplete. […]

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