June 23, 2017

Now is the Time to Invest in Your Online Presence

November 5, 2008 Peter Da Vanzo

The game changed September 15, 2008. As world markets came tumbling down, the future of many internet start-ups also turned to dust. The message from the financiers is clear – they will be no more money. Web watchers, such as TechCrunch, feature a deadpool of failed internet start-ups. That list […]

Make an SEO Migration Plan Before Moving your Site

October 23, 2008 Lee Odden

We continue our Search Engine Optimization Basics series of posts this week with a question from a marketer that is dealing with issues related to moving a web site to another host and possibly updating the content management system and design.

The Value of a Descriptive Domain Name

October 15, 2008 Aaron Wall

Rick Schwartz, one of the leading domainers and creator of the TRAFFIC domain conference, highlighted the value of descriptive domains from a brand perspective: NATURAL BRANDING or BUILD and CREATE BRANDING This alone is worth the price of admission. Brad told us his story of spending millions and millions to […]

Optimize Your Site To Improve Visitor Experience

October 9, 2008 Jim Berkowitz

Here are several excerpts from an excellent post by Rich Page that I found on ProBlogger’s Blog, 5 Ways To Optimize Your Blog and Capture More Repeat Visitors: Here are 5 great ways to help optimize and improve your website, and inspire new visitors to become repeat visitors: 1: Track […]

How to Respond to Online Criticism

September 23, 2008 Dave Taylor

One of the main reasons we don’t yet have a blog or other presence online is because the Big Boss is paranoid that we’d be a magnet for negative comments and criticism online. I tell him that it’s already out there and he pales and asks how the heck we’re […]

Branding On A Budget

September 11, 2008 Peter Da Vanzo

It’s all very well for Coca-Cola. Everyone already knows who they are. They have an established, iconic presence. They have mega-bucks to spend. They hire very expensive people to make very expensive noises in every market-place in the world. But what do you do if you’re a web entrepreneur trying […]

Is Internet Marketing Affected by Internet Bandwidth Caps?

September 3, 2008 Mike Moran

The big story last week surrounded Comcast’s imposition of a limit on the amount of data that its subscribers can transfer across the Internet each month. Comcast’s bandwidth cap is set at 250 gigabytes each month, which is far higher than the three gigabytes that the average Internet user downloads […]

Implementing A/B and Multivariate Testing

August 21, 2008 Anil Batra

In our most recent whitepaper we investigated the current state of A/B and Multivariate testing, focusing on how the practice is currently used and the obstacles companies face in implementing this type of an online strategy. Our analysis, taken from surveys given at the eMetrics Marking Optimization Summit, found that […]

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