September 25, 2016

YouTube Adds Community Tab

September 20, 2016 WebProBusiness

Youtube had previously added a “Community” tab for some popular channels, they are now broadening the feature to 12 YouTube channels and to possibly all channels in the coming months. Channels include the Green brothers, The Game Theorists, Karmin, The Key of Awesome, The Kloons, Lilly Singh, Peter Hollens, Rosianna […]

The Story of My Vlog, 27 Million Views Later

September 7, 2016 WebProBusiness

Ryan Lung started his YouTube video channel after graduating from Cornell University in 2011 and searching out daily video updates on YouTube as entertainment because he didn’t have a TV. That experience inspired him to launch his VlogAfterCollege YouTube channel. “When I first graduated from college, I didn’t have TV,” […]

Mark Zuckerberg at the Forefront of Virtual Reality

August 30, 2016 WebProBusiness

Mark Zuckerberg says that virtual reality will be the most social platform that ever existed. Zuckerberg hosted an in-person Q&A in Rome, Italy Friday when he focused in on virtual reality when asked if Facebook change our lives as much as Pokemon Go. “The real reason I came to Rome […]

Amazon Vehicles Launched as Vehicle Info Center

August 25, 2016 WebProBusiness

Amazon is getting into the auto business with Amazon Vehicles, but not by becoming a sales platform for the cars themselves, but by being a car information center, automotive community and promoting the sales of parts and accessories. They are seeking to become the hub for car buying enabling customers […]

Lyft Adds Exact Pickup Feature to its App

August 17, 2016 WebProBusiness

All of us that use Lyft or Uber have been frustrated with trying to awkwardly communicate to the driver which door you at when exiting an arena, only to have to walk a block to meet the car. Lyft is working to solve this and make their app even more […]

Can Adblocking Kill the Free Internet?

August 8, 2016 WebProBusiness

Can adblocking kill the free internet? “It’s inconceivable, I think, that we would simply just allow this threat from adblocking to continue without actually having a strategy,” says IAB UK’s Steve Chester. “It’s something which we will have to develop. I don’t underestimate that it’s potentially an existential threat.” The […]

What Not To Do in a Pitch Meeting

August 7, 2016 WebProBusiness

Earlier this week LinkedIn launched 30 second videos for Influencers. One of the first questions put out there by LinkedIn was about what not to do in a pitch meeting. There were some very interesting and helpful answers for any entrepreneur facing a pitch to venture capitalist companies. What’s the […]

Mobile to Drive Internet Business

August 1, 2016 WebProBusiness

We Are Social’s Digital in 2016 report illustrates how both mobile and social media will will be key drivers of ecommerce going forward. “Smartphone penetration is reaching new heights around the globe, and we are fast approaching the point where being an internet user means being a smartphone user,” commented […]

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